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Throwin’ up the عنزة

It always suprises me how, now matter how conservative/religious a country is (Bahrain) or how poor/isolated an area (Liaoyang), Heavy Metal always finds its way into the ears and shirts of local teenagers. This ranges from the terrible (Linkin Park) to the odd (the Scorpions are HUGE here) to the “I guess you can get away with wearing that because know one knows what it means” (Deicide).

Apparently there are limits though.

I need to find out where these gigs happen.

NB: For those of you inexperienced in these sorts of things, don’t read the comments. As with almost any news item posted almost anywhere, they will melt your brain in their inanity.

Non-advertising magisteria

Lately, all of the google ads on sites I visit seem to fall into one of two categories:

i) variations on the theme of: “Jesus – he’s  a real swell guy”

ii) “how I cured my acid-reflux, instantly!”

It’s like the forces of religion and science are battling it out for the right to cure that achy burny emptiness in my gut.