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A belated itinerary of sorts

Occurs to me that 3 out of the 4 potential readers of this have no idea what I’m on about, where we are going, or who in fact “we” is, given my well known disdain for all things royal*.

Can’t offer much help for the first but for the latter two:

- “we” is me and my partner of disputed length, the ineffable Sarah Sorsby (who I’m currently in the process of trying to coerce/cajole/confound into writing her account of the journey)

- “where” is parts indo-Chinese, Sino-Chinese and future-Chinese (you read it here first. Sorry Japan.). (Slightly) More specifically – having breezed (breezen?) through Singapore and the southern bits of Thailand, we are now heading north to salve our whiteliberalguilts with some ‘voluntouring’ (a special hell for coiners of portmanteau) near Chiang Rai, before popping over the border to Laos, dawdling down to Cambodia, trotting up through Vietnam into China and skimming the surface of Japan. Finally, some time in early November, I’ll roll out of a plane onto the tarmac of Melbourne Australia – penniless, homeless, unemployed and probably pushing the boundaries of public decency on the swarthiness front. Sarah will join me after a brief stopover in New Zealand to remind her nieces that she exists, primarily by getting them all wound up before bed time.

We call this “our recession plan”.

*to be suspended in the name of prudence whilst in the land of Thai.

Very little ado about not much at all.

Copied from the physical to the electronical aboard the Bangkok – Chiang Mai overnight express. The fold down sleeper berths are adorable. I have my own little fort with torchlight ‘n all.

As I’m sure the citizenry of New Zealand is keenly aware, I’ve been absent my birth country a full ten days now, yet there is little of interest to report. Unless that is, you’d like to be regaled with lengthy tales of “an exceedingly pleasant afternoon cycling along Singapore’s east coast” or “that week we spent dozing on or near a beach”? Perhaps “shopping for children’s stationery at a Bangkok suburban shopping mall” is a plot synopsis to have you at attention.


You’ll have to wait then (oh ye, probably non-existent reader) for more interesting times. Leaving behind the comforts of one of Bangkok’s dingier and more remote ‘tourist class’ hotels for a mud wall, single sex (possibly single occupant) dormitory and some outdoorsy activities should hopefully furnish those in bulk.

Unless you’d like to hear the one about the bad shrimp and the long, sleepless night of “soul searching” that followed. Except that everyone already knows that one, including the twist ending where my soul is eventually discovered in a place unlikely, but by that point basically inevitable.

So this thing is back

Probably. At its new home.

Come in, make yourself comfy. Things are still a little messy, links are broke, pictures are overflowing their boundaries. I may or may not tidy things up. I probably will write some stuff about traveling through south east asia.

I know, all the cool kids are on tumblr.


The Adventure Begins (again)

2 packs, 7 countries, 140(ish) days, 6 pairs of underwear. Should be fun.