Let the great experiment begin…

A blog, a fancy word, a first post, a nerdy television reference quote pun, and we’re away.

On Saturday I went to the Coral Beach Club, Manama

Arrested Development 028

to see these guys:

Arrested Development 032

Arrested Development 016

Arrested Development 023

Arrested Development 018

A good time was had by all. Despite being forced (yea, forced) to drink extremely overpriced Budweiser. You may have noticed they were the official sponsor.

PS: Its Arrested Development.

PPS: Apparently I have to pay WordPress some kind of internet flimflam money before they’ll let me alter the CSS of this page? Urg. Oh well, tall and stretchy photos it is. Click through for better ones.

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  1. #1 • nick daly said on October 24 2008:

    kiaora bro. cool diary thing buddy, stick with it . i will be looking forwrd to your future installments.

  2. #2 • Tracy said on November 3 2008:

    Hey ben looks like a very nice place to be! Love the blog, can’t wait to hear more. Stay out of trouble x