If you think punk’s dead you haven’t met my friends

They’re at it again and again and again.

Today I arrived home to find a mysterious package awaiting me, bulging with the mysterious but instantly recognizable outline of a 7 inch (italicise at will).

I vaguely remembered buying a record online at some point from somewhere, but couldn’t actually recall who or what or where.

This is what lay therein:

Public Utility Complaint

That is:

1x Manila envelope on which were written the words “Hello from Philadelphia! DIY Punk to Bahrain!”

1×7″ record on clear blue vinyl (1 of 100 pressed)

1x Booklet outlining the current practices of various Philadelphan Utility companies and their penchant for cutting off essential services (heating, electricity etc) to some of the city’s poorer residents during winter.

1x Record sleeve with photograph of Dan Yemin and cuddly toy

All of which (barring the record itself of course) was made BY HAND. By an actual person. In a smelly garage somewhere in Philadelphia.

Total cost: $9 US (inc shipping).

And this is but one of the reasons I love this music.

Oh, for those playing at home the band is Amateur Party, and the 7″ is titled Public Utility Complaint.

Their distro describes them as:

Thoughtful, politically oriented, DC-sounding punk from members of KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS, OFF MINOR, LIMP WRIST, and ARMALITE. For fans of the DC/Dischord sound with an added layer of real catchiness and fun.


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