Some Other Stuff That Happened in Thailand


Building stuff! (and subsequently living in it and wishing it had been built by somebody who knows more about that sort of thing)


More bricks!


Mud concealing unknown horrors!


Burma! (Sarah forgot our passports so we couldn’t go in but it looked more or less exactly like the Thai city from which it was separated by a 3 meter wide stretch of shallow water.)


Various foods, flowers and fish!


Cooking Course! (that’s 50 green chillies, 10 dried red chilles and a healthy dollop of chilli paste, on it’s way to becoming a jungle curry)


Weird stuff!













Somewhat baffling signage!








Wacky White temple! (I’ll have to scan an upload some photos from the inside of this later, photography isn’t allowed but I bought some postcards. Easily one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Like angry birds knocking down the twin towers while Neo from the Matrix watches Darth Vader shooting a rocket being ridden by George Bush and Osama bin Laden weird).


Creepy Black House!

More food! (This the famous aforementioned Khao Soy)


This is Ultraman. A few days before this picture he was mauled by Spiderman, his father. Hence the iodine. He was not a well dog.

Vistas, Rural and Urban!

The city I think is Bangkok, the rice paddies are in Northern Thailand. Somewhere.

That’s (more or less) it for Thailand. Next up the thrumming 22nd century neo-cyberscape that is Laos.

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