Luang Namtha

Something like 6 heavily compressed, bone shaking, windy ascending hours north of Huay Xai is Luang Namtha.

Luang Namtha is nestled within the Nam Ha National Biodiversity Reserve and it was here we made our first unsuccessful attempt to book a kayaking trip.

With that idea shot down, and the thought of trekking through knee-high leechmud not really appealing, we figured that Luang Namtha was pretty much a wash. In the end all we could do was:

Gorge ourselves on delicious foods (and some larvae)!













Ride bikes through beautiful fields!









Watch children (clad only in crude garments spun from the purest MS Paint) frolicking in dangerously swollen waterways!












Mis-judge the depth of dangerously swollen waterways and plunge in up to our (well, my) necks destroying valuable electronic equipment!



Admire the efforts of fellow brick-makers!










Stare at majestic vistas!










Consult maps!










Climb lots of stairs!












Enjoy the local statuary!





























In conclusion: Spend some time in Luang Namtha. It’s pretty great.

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