Right then.

Little over two years ago* I put out a call to various internet people to see if anyone wanted an honest to goodness in the mail letter. The promise was that I’d take my trusty typewriter and smash some ink into some paper, loosely based on a topic they had provided me.

Not one of those letters got sent.

Which isn’t to say I didn’t have a crack at a couple (“Brendan Fraser? I barely know’er!” got at least 3 drafts). One suggestion went thusly:

“I wanna hear about growing up in a punk scene that wasn’t the US or the UK and, now that you’re older, what you think the broader perceptions of what New York, London, LA, etc. were did to behavior in New Zealand punks, if anything at all.”

Which is great because I didn’t grow up in a punk scene and I’m still not sure I’ve ever seen one. I do go to a lot of gigs though, and it’s kinda something I’ve been doing for a while. So I’m gonna write some stuff about that. Most will have very little to do with the music. If I stray anywhere near the topic suggested above, that’ll be a happy coincidence.

Bear in mind that most of the following events have been rendered unrecognisable by time and hyperbole. Names have been largely omitted lest the people who were actually there chime in with pesky ‘facts’ and ‘actual accurate recollection of events’.

*so like, 3 and a bit years ago.

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